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The Ringless Non-virgins' Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in The Ringless Non-virgins' LiveJournal:

Friday, September 20th, 2002
11:12 pm
Hey Gals! I finally got off... I mean on. (you know that would never happen) Anywho, My first time. Ahhh not very special, not very romantic, not very exciting. Let me give you the short story. My bedroom, My First SERIOUS boyfriend, My mattress on the floor, and My mother sitting in the living room right outside the door. Yeah... that's enough. Now my first "bow job" story is a little more interesting, but not a very fond memory for Becca. Same party, as Becca's story, same scummy guys, not a lot of liquor for me (designated driver) but A LOT of Ritalin, like "14" pills. Yeah I was just a little "Looney". It was a fine night of pole dancing, butt bangin' and huge monsterous cock. I hooked up with this guy who I refered to as "Big Nike" (because I never knew his real name). I called him this because he was wearing this hideous blue nike windbreaker/sweater type thing, and his dick was very big, the biggest I've seen to this day. Anyways we went behind this barn/shed and in the mud I got down on my knees. And out it came... A legend of my time. The enemy of all men The dick longer than my throat. It didn't take long before he moaned, trembled and blew a load strong enough to knock down 5 grown men. Now a load of this size (I'm sure you can imagine by my explicit detail) could not possibly be completely consumed by the blower, but would explode right back onto herself, the blowee, the ground, the barn etc... The story does not end here. In a state of panic, I ran away, found Becca and grabbed her arm with my slimy giz covered hand. She started screaming, I started screaming and the end. Well not really, but it's the end of my sad story. Ask kelly about her near rape adventure, and kayci's constant beer runs with the broken nose guy.
10:35 pm
Sunday, August 25th, 2002
3:52 pm
For the first time
~Well hello... Since you have found yourself at this community you are probably having sex out of wedlock. This means you are also a premaritalsexr! Congrats! Here at premaritalsexrs we want to hear about your sex-capades without commitment. Also, we take questions and dish out our honest opinions (and maybe some wisdom as well).
~For our first topic, we would like to hear about the first time you became a ringless non-virgin. Please reminisce with us about the magical moment where your virginity became a thing of the past, and you entered into the wonderful world of fornication and endless physical pleasure.

Ha ha. If your first sex-capade was anything like mine, you were probably left wondering "Why do people bother doing this?"
~I had it all planned out. I was dating my first boyfriend for the second time and thought it would be "special" for him to be my first everything. *Luckily* enough, my dad was out of town. His house was empty and so was his waterbed. I even wore a matching underwear/bra set. It started.. it ended. Even though he wasn't a virgin, he still performed like one. He actually said "It'll be better next time." Sadly, he left for a family vacation the next day. As soon as he returned, I broke up with him....

So what's your story?

Current Mood: nostalgic
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